Luca Di Lotti Photographer - Torino, Bruxelles.
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Luca Di Lotti photographer based in Bruxelles, Belgium and in Torino, Italy.  Photographic shoots for Profesional Branding, Corporate Portrait, Equine Photography.

“A detailed drawing does not leave room to the dream and the imagination, will not make the magic. Vague lines, incomplete marks, instead, would enchant.”

                                                                                           Lorenzo Di Lotti, Architetto, 1935-2008.


I create images that express the character, the emotional essence and uniqueness of the person portrayed; making visible the vital spark and personality of my subject is my commitment, my passion.

I live and work in Turin, Northern Italy, but frequently travel to perform assignments abroad.

I do accept assignment in the following specialities:

Once a commission has been booked, payment for the shoot is taken and a letter of confirmation issued.  Pricing on request.


Arslan Ahmedov

“His portraits are a delicate visual poetry of the moments shared between the photographer and photographed one.”

Mara Maggiora

“I posed for Luca on one of his first shoots, it has been a rich experience full of experimentations to both us. Although we were in a park, a landscape quite uniform, Luca was able to create very different images together: their atmosphere and charm seem to belong to different time in history. With discretion and kindness was able to guide me and bring out the best part of me, both in terms of interpretation and aesthetic. I have always felt at ease with him and with myself, and this shines through in the photos. The shots obtained have a tangible intensity. We worked together the whole day, but hours have flown and I have learned a lot. An experience I will always remember with pleasure.”

Nadia Elisabetta Bruno

“I chose to pose for Luca after seeing his photographs that I found have a unique evocative grace, they are not the usual glossy magazine pictures, instead, the respect for the art shone through and has impressed me to the point of wanting to be somehow part of them. “

Marita Paralumi

“Luca has given us the opportunity to show how we do our job, has managed to capture the everyday gestures that for us, after years of work, have become automatic and that, stopped by the lens, appear almost magical.
His patience, precision, his search for the details, make him a great and reliable person.”

Elia Comandù

“[…] The result of the work with the Polaroid was outstanding, and has really surprised me. Its accuracy in performing the work has been rewarded by the magnificent result. The photographs he took of me are fantastic, […] I was really happy […]”

Vetrate Artistiche Mauro Bruno

“Prior to start shooting, we talked at length, to outline a sequence, a logic, […] Behind every picture, there are not only the right lights or the most suitable lens, there is, also, the idea that we were able to share.
In these photographs I found myself for who I am and how I work […]”

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